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Fill in price can only be honored if your appointment is within 4 weeks.  After the 4 weeks period, full set price will have to be.  Our trained technicians highly recommend booking your next appointment before you leave so you will not loose track of the weeks.

Definition of Lashes

Length Set - thickening or enhancement of natural lashes made to give the natural look of wearing mascara.

Volume Lash - VOLUME, VOLUME, VOLUME!!!!!!  Thick dramatic voluminous lashes.

Full Set - fills 85-100% of lashes.
Partial Set - 50-85% of lashes
Fill - replacement of lost lashes (must be within 4 weeks of last visit to be fill in price). 


Full Set                                                                         $175.00+ 

First - Time Client                                                         $100.00+

Fill In Set                                                                       $100.00+


Full Set                                                                         $275.00+ 
First - Time Client                                                         $150.00+
Fill In Set                                                                      $150.00+